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Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center

Communications assessment, Planning, Branding and Membership Marketing

Surpassed organization's goal to increase Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center (WaterISAC) new subscriptions by 10% over a six-month period. 


Significantly increase WaterISAC subscribers. At the time, the number of subscribers was relatively small and the rate of growth was sluggish. Goals also included raising awareness of WaterISAC among water utilities nationwide and measurably enhancing its reputation over a 12-month period.​

WaterISAC is a nonprofit social enterprise, authorized by Congress, to keep drinking water and wastewater utilities informed about potential threats to the nation's water infrastructure and how to respond. This includes all types of hazards, such as weather- induced disasters, intentional contamination, terrorism and cyber crime. WaterISAC's mission is to issue threat alerts and serve as  an unmatched resource of information about response, mitigation and resilience. 


Michael Arceneaux, former Managing Director, WaterISAC


"Gisele oversaw our branding and worked with us again years later in support of the Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center (WaterISAC) new marketing effort. We have gone from initial conversations, to research and analysis, to development of the communications and marketing plan, and now to the plan’s execution. She has led us through each phase expertly and stretched our imaginations in the process. She’s an excellent writer and communicator, and her strategic thinking skills were essential to helping us to identify our goals and produce practical approach to achieving them. On top of that, she’s a delight to work with."

  • Assessed communications and marketing, produced a strategic marketing plan and rebranded WaterISAC.

  • Created a new website and key messages.

  • Managed public relations and direct mail marketing campaigns promoting WaterISAC subscriptions to top decision-makers at water utilities nationwide.

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