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Photo: Jacob Lund, Noun Project


The Good Communicators Exchange is a FREE discussion group exclusively for public interest communicators and nonprofit leaders. 

Our Mission

Provide a safe space via Zoom for nonprofit communicators to discuss their toughest challenges and tap the brain trust of their peers to explore fresh solutions. 

Our Objectives
  1. Explore in depth all the ways strategic communication is key to the success of every nonprofit's operations and efforts

  2. Promote networking amongst peers and help members establish new professional relationships

  3. Improve the leadership and communication capabilities of members by:​

  • Sharing resources and relevant experiences

  • Examining best practices and lessons-learned

  • Hearing from outside experts

We Meet Upon Request

Meetings are scheduled when participating or new social good communicators share a request for resources, best practices or group insights about a communications challenge.

Want help from your peers? Contact Gisele McAuliffe about scheduling a Good Communicators Exchange meeting. 

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