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Learning From Experience

I recently had one of those big lightbulb moments. I was attending a conference with many graduate students studying journalism and public interest communications.

During the meet and greet, I found myself plied with questions from students about my experience as a long-time practitioner of social impact communications. They wanted to know how to craft strategies, pick the right tactics, and create real change in the world.

Then, it hit me. There’s a big difference between learning about strategic communications and actually doing it. And then there’s doing it well. Many public interest communicators want to advance in their careers by learning and applying the insights of highly experienced practitioners.

With decades of experience under my belt, I felt compelled to help. So now, I’m teaching a new Master Class in Strategic Communication Planning for Public Interest Programs to share my unique insights, techniques and processes. In this affordable, virtual four-week course, I’ll teach participants how to form communications plans that drive people to action and produce results.

Crucially, the course will be tailored to each student’s unique needs. All students will select a project they are passionate about – and will leave the course with a clear, comprehensive communications roadmap for moving forward.



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