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Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP)

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  • Climate Change Policy Advocacy
  • Fundraising Communications
  • Training
  • Communications Planning
  • Over a six-month period, I built a robust marketing program that led to higher global awareness of CCAP among targeted policy makers and more successful long term funding.

  • Designed and managed a special event at the UN Climate Conference in Nairobi that won government representatives’ endorsements of a new CCAP policy proposal and $200K in new funding for the organization.


Steve Kallan, principal of Kallan Strategic Partners, LLC and former Executive vice president, CCAP 


"During my tenure as Executive Vice President at a global climate policy organization, the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP), Gisele consulted as the chief communications and marketing strategist. Starting from a blank slate with no internal organization capacity, she built a robust marketing program that led to higher global visibility and more successful long term funding. At the UN Climate Conference in Nairobi, Gisele led a a successful effort to strengthen global branding and introduced selected government ministers to new policy proposals. 

"I have known Gisele since the late 90s (including her time at The Wilderness Society). She is creative, strategic and responsive. She is a leader who can get things moving quickly on advocacy, branding and messaging. With broad experience, she quickly comes up to speed on the content and impact of an organization and its mission."

  • Expand national governments' support for several top-priority CCAP climate change policy proposals

  • Assess, create a strategic communications plan and improve CCAP's communications operations so they better promote the organization's successes in developing innovative policy solutions to pressing climate change, air quality and clean energy challenges around the world.

  • Produced a detailed assessment of CCAP communications capabilities in the form of strengths, challenges and opportunities for improvement. 

  • Created a strategic communications plan to achieve CCAP's policy research, promotion and fundraising objectives for the next two years. Tactics included:

    • Target audience analysis

    • Competitive analysis

    • Brand refinement—new key messages, brand style guide and recommendations for new website

  • Conducted group and individual communications trainings with CCAP staff and leaders

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