On Demand Consulting

Wish you had a communications expert on call to solve your biggest challenges? 


We can be retained as a part of your inner team, rapidly responding to any issue.

Assessment and Strategic Planning

Struggling to gauge what about your organization's current outreach is working and what isn't?


We will assess your communications strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities against your objectives, then create a roadmap for measurable improvement.




Seeking high-quality audio interviews, photos, and iPhone videos about your impact? 


Based on experience reporting for U.S. and European news media, one of our specialties is identifying engaging subjects and producing print, audio, and video stories that artfully present your activities across all communications channels. 

Training and Coaching

Are you a social impact leader who wants to understand the linkage between impact communications and organizational goals?

We offer leadership development to individuals who wish to reflect on how communications strategies support mission objectives in order to make better decisions about external outreach.


Hoping to improve the strategic communications capabilities of your grantees, staff, or local partners?

We offer customized training workshops on how to design outreach that achieves mission objectives and expands impact.

Are you a communicator for social change looking for experienced-based insights and skills to advance your career?

We offer "master class" instruction and coaching. 

Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning & ROI

Since communications is vital to the success of your organization and programs, why not monitor and evaluate your outreach just as you would any grant-funded project? 


We are adept at tracking the progress of communications activities tied to set objectives and analyzing the results for course adjustments and future designs. 


Want to prove the bottom line value of your outreach?

We will calculate the return-on-investment (ROI) of communications activities as a calculation of impact vs. financial cost.