Peace X Peace

Evaluation, Branding, Messaging, Website, Marketing and New Membership Effort

Peace X Peace, pronounced Peace by Peace, is a global network of 18,000 women in 125 countries dedicated to improving the status of women and building sustainable peace. Through e-media, mentorship and dialogue programs, it multiplies women's voices, strengthens women's capacity to connect across divides, promotes leadership and gender equity, and nurtures a global network of peace builders. 

The Challenge
Peace X Peace commissioned Advocacy Communications International (ACII) to launch an international awareness campaign. The core objectives were to:

  • Affirm and expand awareness among the news media, partner organizations and major financial donors that Peace X Peace is a successful and strongly supported new, nonprofit, international women’s peace organization

  • Increase membership

  • Increase subscribers to Peace X Peace online publications

  • Raise awareness among target audiences about the unique tool Peace X Peace offers for direct communication, connectivity and action for the global proliferation of sustainable peace

  • Ensure the overall language and key messages in all Peace X Peace communications are readily understood and appealing to women from diverse religions and ethnicities, in particular, non-native English speakers

  • Increase the efficiency and user/member experience of Peace X Peace online activities including

  • Ensure Peace X Peace is attractive to women of all ethnicities and income levels around the world



  • Upgrade Communications Function – Create a strong foundation that can support a robust communications function by creating a detailed strategic communications plan and by establishing new communications tools and processes

  • Messaging – Enhance the organization’s external image and messaging so it better connects with target audiences and motivates them to take desired actions, such as membership, volunteering and financial donations

  • Planning – Outline a steady “drumbeat” of ongoing, activities designed to connect with all target audiences

  • Outreach – Subsequently, focus upon implementing strategic outreach activities utilizing all the new communications tools and processes

  • Evaluation – Regularly evaluate all activities to ascertain lessons-learned and make any necessary adjustments to better guarantee success


Key Tactics:

  • Communications Audit – Interviewed selected staff, board members, individual members and major donors. Reviewed all existing plans, activities, materials (print and electronic) and lessons-learned about past communications activities

  • Branding – Re-branded the organization

  • Planning – Created a detailed strategic communications outreach plan

  • New Core Materials – Rewrote and redesigned all electronic and print communications materials, (for example, the website) to improve functionality, reflect the new brand, key messages and attract and retain new members and donors

  • Publicity – Increased news media attention in the U.S. and abroad

  • Speakers Bureau – Identified staff and member spokespersons and launched a regular schedule of presentations by Peace X Peace representatives before target audiences