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Niger Delta Partnership Initiative Foundation

​Launch a communications operation that rapidly expands success for a start-up foundation focused on peace and economic development in southern Nigeria.

After two years:

  • Attracted $92M in new investment in the region

  • Increased online engagement of key audiences by 6 million people

  • Garnered international commendations for the foundation’s unique development model.


At a critical growth point, NDPI Foundation needed to improve the quality of all external communications. The foundation's mission was to expand economic opportunities for smallholder farmers and small business owners of the Niger Delta while simultaneously increasing security. I was tasked with clarifying NDPI’s added value, unique regional expertise, and distinctive corporate corporate social enterprise development model. The objective was to drive


Dennis Flemming, executive director, Hamakua Institute and former executive director, NDPI Foundation

Gisele really helped us to think strategically about how we targeted audiences, generated interest around key issues, and built partnerships to address them. 


She worked collaboratively with our staff and partners to improve our capacity to more strategically manage our communications.

target audiences to tap NDPI's regional expertise for identifying business investment opportunities that would grow the region's economy to the benefit of all.

  • Co-designed a U.S.- and Nigeria-based annual event to build strategic alliances

  • Conducted communication capacity building consulting and trainings with Nigeria-based staff.

  • Assessed internal and external communications.

  • Traveled to the region to develop first-hand knowledge of the challenges, strengthen local relationships, gather stories and produce a large professional photo portfolio

  • Created and implemented a strategic communications plan.

  • Refined the organization's brand to target investors

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