Niger Delta Partnership Initiative Foundation

Communications Assessment, Planning, Messaging, Branding, Marketing and Website Creation for Market-driven Economic Development In Nigeria

Founded in 2010, NDPI Foundation harnesses the power of the private and public sectors to help alleviate poverty and instability in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region through collaborative, market-based solutions that are community-owned and implemented. The foundation’s work focuses on building economic opportunities, mitigating conflict and developing an environment conducive to progress and stability. This includes:

  • Increasing access and usage of financial services and products for farmer groups.

  • Supporting linkages between farmers and financial institutions.

  • Boosting productivity, improving access to affordable, good quality farming goods and

    services in order to reduce operating costs for farmers and related processors and


  • Building the organizational capacity of farmer groups via farming demonstration projects.

  • Improving farmers’ business skills through Training-of-Trainers workshops that teach:

    • Basic business concept and market conditions that affect profit and productivity.

    • Introduce practical methods for planning, income projection, risk assessment, monitoring operating cost, debt management, savings and profit maximization.

    • Highlight the importance of good financial management (including cash flow), record keeping and market analysis

    • Provide farmers with tools to formulate individual action plans to implement what they have learned.


The Challenge

At a critical growth point in 2014, NDPI Foundation needed to improve the quality of all external communications to a broad scope of diverse target audiences. The objective was to build economic opportunities for smallholder farmers and a variety of small businesses by better articulating NDPI’s added value, unique regional expertise, and distinctive corporate social enterprise development model. Requirements included:

  • Assessing and refining the foundation’s brand (key messages and visual/graphic representation).

  • Develop new communications products that reflect the refined brand.

  • Establishing a robust, international communications operation to raise the foundation’s profile with

    global decision-makers focused on economic development, business investment and

    peace building in Nigeria.

  • Promoting NDPI Foundation as a leader of multi-sector partnerships that result in

    solutions to complex economic and security challenges in the Niger Delta.

  • Performing communications activities to support fundraising and partnership goals.



  • Assessed internal and external communications. Conducted stakeholder interviews and analysis to produce a stakeholders summary report.

  • Created and implemented a multi-year, strategic communications plan targeting stakeholders in the U.S., Europe, and Nigeria including business investors, multi-laterals, donors and in-country beneficiaries.

  • Clarified the brand and produced a new key message platform, website, and marketing materials.​

  • Branded, messaged, and managed communications activities for the foundation’s strategic convening—the Washington, DC-based Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) and issue roundtables.

  • Consulted on communications activities for a subsequent NDDF convening in Nigeria and provided on-site assistance.

  • Performed extensive story gathering about the foundation’s programs and individual beneficiaries by conducting site visits across the Niger Delta. Outputs included a portfolio of more than 1,000 professionally shot photographs of all aspects of NDPI Foundation's programs and operations as well as some 50 audio interviews. 

  • Conducted communications and storytelling trainings with Nigeria-based staff.


Selected Outcomes

  • Positioned the Foundation as a leading development actor on market-driven economic development and improved security in the Niger Delta.

  • Created visual stories for all of the foundation's communications platforms that measurably increased the engagement of all target audiences.

  • Helped to grow NDPI Foundation's Partners for Peace network into a self-sustaining

    peace building movement.

  • Measurably expanded the global engagement of foundation supporters by producing NDPI Foundation’s first ever online annual reports in 2014 and 2015.