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You Are A Nonprofit Agency


... that wishes to amplify the "why" of funders' investments in your organization and initiatives.

I progress your ideas to positive outcomes by incorporating measurable communications activities into your business operations, fundraising, and program plans. My method maximizes collaborative, participatory and consensus-building management.

Do you believe in engaging local citizens to participate in the design and implementation of your programs? My expertise in participatory communications will ensure the sustainability and resiliency of your initiatives. These strategies persuade communities to take part in, influence and hold accountable the institutions that affect their lives. 

You Are A Grantmaker

Consulting-Grant Maker.jpg

... that seeks to yield the maximum social return on your investments in organizations and projects.


Strategic communications is an important component of most programs and yet it is frequently not mentioned or funded in program grants. I collaborate with grant managers to map those strategies and tactics, estimate their cost, outline their evaluation and compose the relevant grant requirements. 

Want to better support your grantees and improve the results of projects that require audience engagement and action? I build the capacity of nonprofits and their partners to connect with target audiences and inspire them to act through dialogic management, trainings and coaching. This approach strengthens organizations, advances community ownership of projects, and shapes equitable and sustainable programs.​ 

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